Alpine Worldmusic with Yodel

Three continents come together with Tony Majdalani (Percussion & Voice), Sonja Morgenegg (Voice), John Wolf Brennan (Piano, Melodica) & Rätus Flisch (Bass & Electronic Sounds), blending these sources into in a musical confluence. A stunning quartett! Swiss yodel singer Sonja Morgenegg and the double bass player Rätus Flisch embarks on a journey with Irish pianist John Wolf Brennan and Arabic multi-percussionist Tony Majdalani, resulting in powerful compositions and improvisations, whose origins can no longer be classified. But they don’t need to fit in any box: just step in, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the flight! SOOON plays with elements from different cultures, such as Swiss folk music, yodel, Shamanic voices, Arab music, Irish folk & jazz.